03.05.2017 Kristof Hahn (Swans, Pere Ubu) ~ Red Noise, Arci Tunnel


(Swans, Pere Ubu)

eventofb Mercoledì 3 Maggio 2017
Circolo ARCI TUNNEL / Ore 22,30,  € 8 con tessera Arci
Via del Chionso 20/g, 42100 Reggio Emilia IT GMAPS
in collaborazione con O.F.F. booking+management, Torino.

[IT] KRISTOF HAHN, da Berlino, già al fianco di Alex Chilton e Tav Falco e membro dal 2009, con la sua lap-steel, dei riformati SWANS di Michael Gira nonchè nella nuova line up dei PERE UBU e coi propri progetti Les Homme Sauvages e Sultans of Sex, si presenta ora in solo con un album “Solo Etudes” ed uno show tra drones ed elegante canzone d’autore.

[EN] Berlin-based guitarist Kristof Hahn, who has played with the likes of Alex Chilton, Tav Falco, and Chris Spedding and his most infamous role of being the lap steel guitarist for the newly reformed Swans in 2009 alongside Gira, Puleo, Westberg, Pravdica, Harris and now Wallfisch made him an irreplaceable component in the new lineup. Let’s not forget to mention his own projects Les Homme Sauvages (with fellow countrywoman Viola Limpet) and more recently Sultans of Gedankenbrain (more recently referred to as Sultans of Sex).

Kristof Hahn – Tunnel, 03.05.2017 – Photo Olivier Manchion

Kristof is an avant-garde musician with deeply rooted elegance and an expert in all things cool. Let’s not forget his immense propensity for being multilingual, in speaking in the French, German and English languages and being an overall man of class. As a composer Hahn specializes in everything from writing pop to immense and layered compositions. His solo album on Erototox Decodings entitled “Solo Etudes” (ETD0027) leads one into other areas of Hahn’s talents. Check it out now. Also, Kristof recently joined the legendary Pere Ubu band to record the new album.

Red Noise Reggio Emilia

Info: rednoisereggioemilia@gmail.com


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